The Biddest

This website has established to enable the valued customers to get the cheapest and cheapest in the concept of the company may reach less than the actual value of the product with double dilution. The company also aims to allow customers to buy all their goods that are expensive, This process is the contribution of customers in the process of buying the product offered at a price much lower than the original price and the participation through the purchase of packages of pizzas displayed on the site and these aids allows you to contribute to The bid is on the site and this offer has a fixed price and does not have a specific time in the sense that when this price is reached the offer has been completed and the offer is the share of the customer who contributed more in the value of the offer and in the case of two or more customers in the value of the contribution, In the case of the participants who were not lucky to win the bid, the bidets they participated in the offer is not retrieved and was consumed in that offer, and by the end of the offer the site displays the names and percentages of the contribution of more than ten customers contributed to this offer and be at the top of this list the winner of the offer And its contribution percentage which is And the company and the site retain the personal information rights of the customer who had the offer of his share in order to maintain the credibility of the company and the location.
Client: The Biddest
Date: November 2017
Service: Design & Programming