The site aims to establish a social network linking the centers of memorization of the Koran and all willing to keep, while providing the possibility of registration in various centers and follow the lessons of memorization directly through the Internet and also aims to the site to:
Increase the number of keeping the book of God in the right way.
Facilitate communication between the wallet and its students.
Special pages for students and portfolios.
More powers to manage the centers of memorization of (the head of the Center - Director - Administrative Supervisor - Technical Supervisor - Secretary) The existence of models for registration and enrollment centers, especially each center and includes the title of each center.
Developing and facilitating the administrative work of Quran memorization workshops.
Facilitate the exchange of information and experience of the Quran memorizers among the countries of the world.
Creating a religious environment and fraternal friendships among the various members of the Islamic community, linked by the Book of God through the social aspect available on the site.

Client: Moqre
Date: November 2017
Service: Design & Programming