Yalla Phone

yalaphone Is a site that combines the recognition of the specifications of mobile phones "Mobiles" and the possibility of comparison between the prices of mobile phones "mobile prices" in many markets and Arab and international stores, which means that when you browse the site of the iPhone can now and easily know the full specifications of any phone whether available for sale In your country officially or in Chinese stores or any of the US stores, you will also easily know the price of this phone in a lot of electronic stores available for sale online while you browse the site, so you can compare the price of mobile in more Who died T and therefore choose the right price for you and the cheapest in the market Patakad, and provide you with the possibility of buying the phone at the same time from the store, which has a cheaper price. So you will know the specifications of the phone in full and cheaper price and buy at the same time in a few minutes.
Client: Yalla Phone
Date: November 2017
Service: Design & Programming